Creating Connections Workshop

We all have blind spots. We all have the opportunity to hold paradoxes in tandem – honor where we are today, and choose to grow beyond where we currently are. We all have vices and virtues. When we can get clear on those vices and learn how to hop on the path towards the virtue, we begin to get to know ourselves in a new and growth-minded way.

Please join me for 6-weeks of getting to know yourself, learning how to identify patterns, and how to break out of patterns and processes that hold you captive. Learn how to unleash your inner badass to live a life that is connected to your inner self, and increase connections and meaningful relationships in your life! 

In this workshop we will work towards:

  • Increased self awareness 
  • Increased connection with others
  • Increased compassion for self and others

The layout for this program is all online! Why? Because as a young*, busy mom, I wanted to attend course and workshops and take time for myself — but I just couldn’t swing it. I wanted to make this course accessible for anyone – and all the content will be recorded if you can’t join the live calls. *To be clear, my kids are young. 🙂

Here’s the details: 

6-week course with 3 opportunities to connect each week: Zoom call, recorded meditation, and video-recorded yoga asana.

Dates: Sunday, September 29, 2019 – November 14, 2019

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday: 90-minute Zoom call

We will be using the Enneagram as a dynamic tool to self-awareness and compassion. Identifying where you fall on the 9-pointed gram as your dominant personality type, and where your vice may keep you stuck. Each week we will explore one triad: body, heart, and head with opportunities to peel back the layers of your consciousness and drop into deeper connection and awareness. We will use weeks 5 and 6 to explore the path to integration, and how the journey from vice to virtue can deepen your compassion for yourself and others.

Tuesday: Let’s Meditate! 10-15 minute guided meditation to support your heart, mind and body. Depending on the triad we are focusing on, we will focus on that same triad as we meditate together. New to meditation? No problem, just find a quiet corner, sit comfortably, and let the words and music support the practice of stillness.

Thursday: Let’s Move! 15-20 minute yoga asana to move from the intellectual to the somatic – the way we transfer information from our heads, to the fibers of our being. Similar to the mediation, we will explore the body, heart and head connection as we move our bodies and integrate the information we are learning.

Anytime through the 6-week course, you may schedule one 90-minute 1:1 coaching call, included with the workshop. Additional calls are invited at a discounted hourly rate.

Together we will combine mindful movement, intentional breath, and take that deep dive together into the inner sanctums of ourselves. I invite you to join me as journey together towards self awareness, compassion, and connection!  


This first course is being offered in beta — which means I get to practice putting this incredible, transformative content into the world, and YOU get it deeply discounted. Win-win! In exchange for this discount, you will be asked to provide constructive feedback and testimonials for future classes. Thanks in advance!

6 – week Deepening Connections workshop – What’s included: 6-90-minute Zoom calls (recorded), 6-guided meditation recordings, 6-yoga asana videos, one 90-minute coaching call, digital downloads of the weekly agendas, focus of the week and course content.

Regular Course Fee: $579 — BETA COURSE PRICING — $229

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