Creating Connections: New Course Dates!

Have you been hearing about the Enneagram? It’s all over social media … well, my social media. And it’s transformed my life and my relationships. I’m pretty passionate about the Enneagram and what it’s done for me and SO many other people.

In September of this year, I bravely launched my first Enneagram & Yoga class – and loved it! My next class is coming up — dates are set for March 1 – April 5, ending right before the Easter holiday. I’ve got some changes for this new class — and I’m SO excited about what’s in store. More interaction, more self-practice, more accountability, more of the juicy goodness that creates connections for yourself and your relationships.

You can learn more about the class here: Creating Connections 2020

Grab a friend and make a plan to dive into the intersect of yoga, the breath and the body – with The Enneagram, a powerful self-awareness tool. New decade, new awareness, new outlook. I can’t wait for you to do this work with me!


Carol Ann

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