I am enough. (And so are you.)

IMG_8101I have an old story that comes up all the time. I face it head on, and it shape shifts, and I get to deal with it all over again anew. Deep inside of me, my inner critic and negative self speak whisper quietly that I am not enough. That there is some sort of scarcity…of time, of energy, of resources, of love. Anything, there’s not enough. I am not enough.

I wrote about buying a bracelet that says “YOU ARE ENOUGH” because when I saw it, I instantly cried the ugly cry. It touched that soft, tender part of me, illuminating the dark spaces to wake me up to the reality of my life and abundance I experience. That I am enough. That even when I fail, or stumble, or have no fucking idea what I’m doing, I am still enough. There is no way that I can show up in this life and *NOT* be enough.

And as I continued holding and listening to that sense of depravity within me…of lack… of want, I began to gently respond with telling the dark, broken, shadows of myself that I am enough. Holding my heart and offering those broken pieces all the love that I can let flow. I began steadying myself on the course of Enough, showing up and speaking loudly and listening purposefully and communing quietly and being devoted to my purpose and path. This is where I sit today. Living between the calm and the chaos, noticing when the feelings of scarcity rise up, acknowledging and affirming that I am enough, in this moment, and every moment from now until eternity. And all eternities after that.

And as I was sitting with it further, mulling it over late at night, tired, dirty, in need of a shower… I realized that while it’s a message for me and about me, it’s also a message for me about everyone else.

And I blew my own mind. That you, doing life totally differently from me, are enough. That you, and the way you drop in or don’t, or parent, or eat, or dress or vote or feel or recycle (or don’t), or express or WHATEVER it is that is different, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

In that moment of epiphany, I was overwhelmed with the gift of not asking for this moment to be different. Not for me, not for him, or her, or you, or them. Acceptance and enoughness and honoring my journey and every one else’s.

And today I’m walking around, shoulders squared, grounded in my being enough, and you being enough, just passing out enoughs like Oprah passes out cars. It’s so liberating to feel into this truth. Because it is truth – I am, and you are, and we all are, enough.

Today, bask with me in the beauty of your enoughness, and the glory of that enoughness expanding all around you.

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