Rooting and Rising.

The birth of my first child was an awakening for me. An awakening I was unprepared for, and frankly, ill-equipped to handle. And so began a long journey of opening, chipping away at who I thought I was, and becoming. Becoming a mother. Becoming a part of a mama tribe. Becoming a healer of old wounds. Becoming someone who asked for help. Becoming sensitive in ways that had long been buried. I am six (and a half) years into to awakening, and it still catches me by surprise nearly every day.

The name of this blog is Rooting and Rising. Rooting down is a forever practice for me, thus written in the present tense. Rising comes alongside the rooting, also a forever practice.

The lotus flower cannot blossom without being rooted in the mud. Rooting, rising into something beautiful.

My intent is to write weekly posts. Sometimes reflections to my younger self, if only a week younger. Mostly writing to myself, questions and curiosities I’m sitting with, and if they speak to you as well, I look forward to sharing the journey.


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