On being a badass.

I remember pre-kids, someone that all the guys referred to as a “card carrying badass”. I believed at the time they were referring to her physical strength. This girl could ride bikes all.day.long and seemingly never get tired. She also did it all while managing a full time job, a husband, a ministry, AND a positive attitude.

Card carrying badass, indeed.

I remember that longing to be referred to as a badass. To be seen as strong and capable and endurance-able. I believed it was all tied to my physical capabilities. Which were significantly lacking in comparison to hers.

As I’ve leaned into being a mother, learning to navigate new titles and balancing schedules and juggling responsibilities, I also leaned into a new definition of badass. Being a badass became more about taking care of myself. Recognizing that I am capable, strong, able. It turns out, it has very little to do with physical ability. It has very little to do with how far I can ride my bike, or how strong my booty is, or how many packs I have in my ab-pack.

It became more about consciously mothering my girls. Consciously mothering myself. Giving myself grace to fail, and embrace vulnerability in asking forgiveness from my knee-high children. Peeling back the layers of myself so that I can be my most authentic human, mama, wife, friend, daughter, sister … all my roles.

I am surrounded by a lot of badass women, doing the quiet, soulful, powerful work of waking up, living in their most authentic selves, taking the intentional steps towards their true essence. And let me tell you friends, THIS is the work of badassery.

Maybe that’s what those guys were referring to all those years ago. Her complete badass package. Awake. Aware. Living life in her most authentic way.

May we all experience this badass life. ❤

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